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Short-Term Orthodontic Treatment from Professionals in Nantwich, Cheshire

Take advantage of a short-term and quick teeth-straightening method. Globe Dental Practice in Nantwich, Cheshire, specialises in short-term orthodontics, and offers the Six Month Smiles™ system - a brace that solves the problem of unaligned teeth. It also gives you healthier teeth without the need for wearing a brace over a long period of time.

A Straightforward Process

Firstly, we may need to carry out some work between the teeth to create space for the brace. Carrying out an initial consultation with an examination to ensure every aspect of the service runs smoothly, we also complete some X-rays. We then take a mould of your mouth or, alternatively, scan the teeth to get the right shape.

These moulds will then be sent to the lab before we fit your new braces.

Practically Invisible

The Six Month Smiles™ system is almost invisible and unlike any other brace. Other people may not even notice! We also see you once a month to tighten and check your braces.

Globe Dental Practice also provides high-quality dental implants to suit your needs.

For short-term orthodontics and teeth-straightening treatment, get in touch with our qualified dentists in Nantwich, Cheshire.